A War within Us! Fighting the Desires of Our Flesh

Today I want to talk about the flesh, that is, our carnal side, our sinful Nature; the side that desires to do all the things outside God’s will.  This is the beginning of all things, as it is the driving force to our actions, words and thoughts.  Webster defines flesh as the body distinct from the soul, all humankind.  Vines defines flesh as the weaker element in human nature, the “unregenerate state of men, the seat of sin in man, the natural attainment of ment”. Homan’s takes it a step further, “fallen human nature that is incapable of conforming to God’s holy expectation.  It is unaided human effort, mere human strength without the power of the Holy Spirit”.

Paul explains that our flesh and spirit are in conflict with each other within believers.  Ok, let’s think about all this holistically.  If our flesh is the side of us that is incapable of conforming to God’s holy expectation, that is, our effort without the power of the Holy Spirit and flesh/spirit are in conflict with each other, then we know that a war is always taking place inside us.  We all know the story of how sin entered into the world.  We all know that as a result of wrong choices, all humans are by nature sinful.  By nature means that w3e instictively, without thought, do wrong rather than good. Wrong being the desires to enjoy the worldly things, lust, money, pride, jealousy, anger and much more.

Our safe have, our way out comes in our acceptance of Christ as our Savior and Lord.  Our problem is, even with the indwelling of the Spirit of God within us, our sinful nature still exists within us.  It is only the Spirit that gives us the power to keep the sinful nature or natural tendancies at bay.  Like conditioning our bodies, we must condition our mind to give control over to the Spirit so that the natural tendancies of our flesh are kept in check.  Easy, right?  Not!

Life would be easy, if only we were in control, but other forces, unseen, are also hard at work setting up traps to keep us from succeeding.  If by nature we are sinful, then we must also know and understand how easy it is to give in to its desires. It is so much easier to give in to the ways of the world than to be something opposite our inborn traits.  Therefore, every moment of the day is a battle for us, a battle for our lives.  If you are anything like me, the battle is so great that often it appears hopeless to ever overcome its desires, its needs, it wants.  So what do we do about it?  How do we overcome? How do we be something we weren’t meant to be by nature? How do we win the battles raging within us?

The Bible says the Spirit is that power source that enables us to change that nature and conform to the will of God.  The hardest thing for us to do as Christians is to give up control of ourselves, let someone else to drive the train.  I find that though I desire to do right, doing wrong usually happens.  I find that though I try to do right, think the right thing, say the right thing – that it doesn’t take much to get led astray.  If my mind is distracted for one moment, all aspects of my intentions are affected.  When one proceeds the wrong way, it’s hard to stop the forward movement by turning around and going in the right direction.  In fact, you will find, the thought to go the right direction, usually doesn’t enter your mind until long after the damage is done.  If you are a Christian like me, the guilt or shame for ever traveling the wrong way begins to take root and grow.

Have you ever felt that your life is taking a nose dive, spiraling downward out of control and that you are powerless to change it.  I have and do.  So what do you do when that happens?  What do you do to regain control?  What do you do when reading the Bible or praying become to hard to do because guilt and shame keep you glued to your spot, unable to move forward? Do you ever feel that God wouldn’t listen? Have you felt too dirty with sin to approach God and ask Him for help?  I know just how you feel.

So let’s work through this together.

You know you are doing bad when you cant even trust yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your intentions, to know if they are pure in heart.  Your heart cries out painfully for help to weave through all the confusion created as a result of your wrong choices, saying “Lord, intervene, take control before I destroy myself before I lose all I have spiritually gained.”

When these times hit and you are buried in a battle roaring within you, submerge yourself in God.  I find that when I am struggling, the only solution is running to the very One my flesh wants to avoid.  I pray, I praise in song, I study, but I seek God any way I know how.  Sounds funny, sound time consuming, sounds even stupid, but it works.  Open your Word and find God in the midst.  The more you seek, the more your spirit awakens and the easier it is to overcome the power of the flesh.  Know you are not alone.  Even the maturest of God’s Saints go through this very thing.


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16 Responses to “A War within Us! Fighting the Desires of Our Flesh”

  1. Chelsia Says:

    Praise God, The part about submerging yourself in GOD anytime you feel guilt,shame,confusion, is exactly what I do. Its what I am doing right now, I was feeling a bit guilty for some things ive done and googled “desires of the flesh” and found your writings….Thank you so much and Praise God, I am fighting hard everyday to keep my sprit in check!

    • Peshitta Ministries Says:

      There are some new writings on Heavenly Perspective and New Creation realities that address your feelings expressed in this post more closely. I too am trying to learn how to walk in the anointing of God because only there do I find that what holds me or keeps me from moving forward has no pull on my me. Check them out. I am sure you will be just as blessed.

  2. Albert Says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read right now. Been going through some struggles with my flesh for about a little over a year now. But I know God will rescue me from this. I thank God for having mercy on my life everyday.
    Thank you for this words of wisdom. May God continue to bless you & your ministry. God Bless

    • Peshitta Ministries Says:

      The Bible says, that when we accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior, we became new creatures with a new identity, and a new way of looking at things. I understand your struggles, every great man or woman of God has those. We all have to crucify our flesh daily. It isn’t a once and for all thing we do. Why? Because we have an enemy who wants to steal our blessings from us. To do that he must get our mind off the things of God and put our mind back to a place of remembering what we have done – our past and our present way of doing things.

      The more we dive into God’s Word and the more experiential revelation we get, the more we will find that the struggle with the flesh diminishes because we grow in grace. Grace is the power God provides us to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves. The challenge is to not let the cares and activities of our daily life spend up so much of our time, that God gets what’s left over. The devil’s job is to keep us focused on our sins, those things that are contrary to God’s words. Why? Because if we think along those lines then we become what we are thinking about it. We are a byproduct of our thoughts. If we keep our minds focused on the things of God, then we will become what we think on. Simply said, we will become more like God if we surround ourselves with all that is of God, if we dive into God’s Word and be watered with the water of life.

      Be encouraged. You can do this. Keep diving into the word of God and keep in touch.

  3. Randy Says:

    Hey thanks for the encouraging words and the good advice. I’ve been going through a lot as well with this topic. I’ve been a Christian for a very long time, but I’m definately in that lonely place that seems to come every now and then. Those are the most difficult times to make healthy choices for the body. Thank you again and hope that you continue writing these blogs

  4. Kelley Says:

    Glad to hear I`m not the only one fighting fleshly battles. I hate it when my flesh rises up againist my spirit. Like Paul said…. The things I don`t want to do, I do. And the things I want to do, I don`t do……
    I needed to read your blog today. Thanks a bunch!
    I have to remind myself that God is also a man of war. And I need to go to battle againist these things. Only lately, I just talk about it and do not do it…. Thus, the flesh seems to win.
    Thanks for the reminder of my duty to fight againist these things!

    Have a blessed day! 🙂

  5. keith Says:

    I need prayer to fight the lust of the world.When I got rededicated and made sure of my Salvation,when I first got back in CHurch 2006 I was so excited to get away from Bars,Lottery,Smoking Chasing women etc.
    but the 2 hardest things I can’t seem to conquer are sports and patience.Patience in such a way as to get things done instantly instead of waiting.and it leads back to the women thing.even though I don’t go chasing them they are still out there and when I gave up rock n roll also they play it at work .women are all around where I Work(grocery store)
    I also got a new hang up .being on the computer way too much.Please pray for me,Keith to GET Back in the Will of God .to get excited about serving GOD even when ones around me don’t wanna hear.or my church has shrunk in attendance.and my bible reading is not what it used to be I need prayer I can never fight flesh or satan by my self none of us can..send me your prayer requests and visa versa so we can be brothers and sisters in CHRIST.

    • Peshitta Ministries Says:

      I would like to join you in your walk with God. I do Bible studies and send them to many around the world. Would you like to study with us? If so send me an email to peshittaministries@yahoo.com and we will learn together. Walking with God is a process. It does not happen overnight. To walk more like Him, you must read His Word as it possesses the power to say No to the world’s ways. Maybe those You work around don’t want to listen, but I do. Maybe those around you still walk in the world with no desire to change, but the Spirit inside you is calling loudly. Your conscious which is revealing to you that you are walking wrong, that is God communicating to you, wooing you back to Him in love. That is good news for those who live according to the world’s ways do not listen to that voice of conscious. That is great news! You are still God’s.

      God is not asking You to provide the answers or the means. You will always fall short then. He is just asking you to commit what you do have, and that begins with giving Him you just as you are. Messed up, tore up, full of worldly desires, and carnal in every way. He is the Potter, you are the clay. All you have to do is hop up on his potters wheel and over time and meditating on His Word, you will change. If you could only have known me before God got a hold of me. You would have seen yourself in me and you should see me now. If God can change me, then with time and commitment, He can change you.

      Now the enemy will tell you otherwise. He will remind you what you can’t do, what mistakes you’ve made, how messed up you are, and more. Don’t listen. Fight him with God’s Word that promises you that you are made new because God now dwells inside You. Believe that you will change and become more like Him regardless of what your brain tells you or what you see or feel. You are a child of God. You can change. You don’t have to sin. Jesus paid your price in full by sacrificing Himself in place of your penalty. He paid the penalty so you wouldn’t have to.

      Begin with a step. Provide to God what you have, and He will multiply his character and nature within you. Your destiny for change begins with a thought that brings forth a decision and a commitment to be about God. It’s in your court now. Are you only a hearer, or will you now be a doer by putting your hope and desires into action?

  6. keith Says:

    what are your favorite Hymns..I need. some of mine are Pass it On., TO GOD BE THE GLORY,Grace that is Greater Than ALL Our Sin..Nothing but the Blood of Jesus..etc.

    • Peshitta Ministries Says:

      I am not a big traditional hymn person. I like songs that usher in the Spirit of God. I listen to gospel music that speaks to your heart. Abide in Me, All for Love, Amazing Grace, Let us Rejoice, Nobody Greater, Be encouraged, Brighter Day, Deeper Still, God’s Grace, Eye of the Sparrow, How Great is our God, I will Rejoice, I wont’ complain, I’m still holding on. I love to pray and the music I listen to, puts me right into the throne room, allowing the Spirit of God to flow in a magnificent and glorious way.

  7. Dingilizwe Maho Says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful words of wisdom.Now i surrender all the control to the Holy Spirit

  8. Kutie Says:

    thanks for the wise encouaragement i got. today i know how do i fihgt wth my flesh i’ve been struggling for the past weeks. God bless you as you continue preaching and teaching His Word.

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